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The COVID-19 Travel Database is a free access database to support the travel industry through the reopening period, providing a single data source for travellers in a period of low travel confidence. It's a project from the European COVID-19 Travel Alliance, formed by leading travel brands such as Barcelo Hotels,, Kayak, Eurowings, Flixmobility, Iberostar Hotels, KLM, Radisson Hotel Group and trivago. We believe that strong cooperation between market participants will help rebuild travel demand in a safe and sustainable manner. Specifically, we seek to help travellers explore destinations and enable them to make informed, confident and safe travel decisions.

For Travel Providers

The data from the COVID-19 Travel Database will be made available free of charge from a centrally hosted data source. Travel institutions and companies will be able to display the information to their users in their products (Website, App etc). The database is hosted by the Alliance on behalf of all industry players that can enrich the data with further information, such as flight restrictions and quarantine measures.

An overview of the database, including data schema can be found here.

For access to the database, please contact us:

covid-19 travel database
covid-19 travel alliance

For Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and Tourism Boards

The Alliance collects information to create an overview of a country and region’s openness for travel, along with information about restrictions at a destination across different business types (Hotels, Flights, Restaurants etc). Data is collected through a submission form and curated and processed to create a structured database. To succeed with this initiative, we need your support. The members of the Alliance have already committed to contributing to this initiative and will voluntarily invest into this database. As a DMO you are an important source of information and can contribute to the quality of the database for your destinations.

We ask you to join this initiative and help travellers to explore the COVID-19 measures for your destination. You can contribute to this by sharing up to date information. Contribute to the COVID-19 Travel Database and make sure your Destinations information is up to date. We are looking forward to your support. Get access to the survey by reaching out to us at:

For Travellers

We understand that travel is uncertain at the moment and deciding what type of travel is possible and which destinations are safe can be overwhelming, with many different sources of data and new reports. With the data being collected in the COVID-19 Travel Database, the travel industry will be able to provide you more context on what destinations are open for you and give you confidence in taking a decision to travel.

Our brands are working to provide solutions to make planning your travel easier, you can find some examples at the links below:

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